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International Conference Announcement

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Europe of Cultures: Cultural Identity of Central Europe

Europe House Zagreb
Culturelink Network/IRMO

Zagreb, 22-24 November 1996

It is only by the evaluation and respect of cultural differences within Europe that European integration can track the way for "unity in diversity", as its founding fathers put it. Although culture makes an essential part of national identity, it is often pushed aside when important political decisions are made.

We believe, that cultural dimension of the EU togetherness should be given more attention. As with Central Europe and its cultural identity, it is differently perceived in different parts of the region, let alone other countries in Europe.

However, on the practical daily level, on the level of "common sense" or common customs it is much easier to find a common Central European identity. For that reason we would like to put more light on impacts of Central European heritage to the creation of tomorrow's Europe.

Working language: English
Lecturers: experts and professionals in the field
Target group: artists, cultural activists, interested public


During the three-day conference, the following main issues will be discussed in plenaries:

  • Issues of cultural identity in the perspective of development and transformation
  • history and cultural heritage
  • changes and new social and cultural values
  • reemergence of the Central European identity

2. Central European cultures and cultural identities

  • diversity of Central Europe: languages, religions, lifestyles, arts; structured national cultures
  • models of interaction: cultural cooperation and exchange, intercultural communication, joint creative projects, the role of media and mass-communication
  • new Central European identities: social transformation and re-evaluation of the past; education; creativity, cultural life, tourism, etc.

3. Central Europe in the all-European context

  • identity perceived as diversity
  • cooperative networking and multicultural communication
  • Central European specificity and the European cultural pluralism: interactions.

Special session: Cultural Policies


Pavle Schramadei, Culturelink/IRMO, Vukotinovićeva 2, P.O.Box 303, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel: +385 1 4554 522; fax: +385 1 444 059; e-mail: clink@irmo.hr, or

Europe House Zagreb, Jurišićeva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel: +385 1 274 874, +385 1 426 402, fax: +385 1 278 971, +385 1 424 895