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Cultural Development Database

background - scope - aims


Built to serve the needs of the members of the Culturelink Network as well as scholars and cultural workers searching for partners in cultural development research and cooperation projects in different sectors of the arts and culture on an international level, the Database of Networks and Institutions in the Field of Cultural Development (called the Cultural Development Database) has been fully operational since 1993 as a local database, and was accessible online since 1996. Access to the database via the Internet allowed simple searches by country, field of interest and keyword.

As it is no longer regularly updated, this database is not acsessible online. For relevant information, please see the Culturelink Members & Partners Database


The Database contains information on more than 1,500 cultural networks, scientific and educational institutions worldwide, active in the field of cultural development and policy, describing their general profile, publications, artistic activities, international cultural cooperation, contact information, etc.


This international online resource aimed to give equal opportunity for promotion to large-scale as well as small cultural organizations, regardless of their country of origin. The goal was to provide a mechanism for seeking, as well as for offering information needed for the establishment of cultural cooperation.