Culturelink Newsletter No. 087/March 2014

From the Focal Point

In this issue of C-News, Culturelink is pleased to announce a paper by Professor Vjeran Katunaric, member of the Culturelink Team, entitled Dancing and Calculating: Culturally Sustainable Development and Globalisation in Light of Two Paradigms of Sociocultural Evolution. In this paper two paradigms of evolution, the transformational (Spencerian) and the variational / selectionist (Darwinian) are examined, along with their social theoretical counterparts. The paper deals with the concept of sustainable development, launched by the UN as an attempt at mediating, mostly on the grounds of ecological alarms, between the free-market and the statist policies. The author considers hybridization of the two paradigms as a proper conceptual foundation of sustainable development. On this premise, he expounds the concept of a culturally oriented sustainable development, arguing that hybrid developmental policies are more suitable for the purpose of a decent survival of most countries. The paper will be published in full in the upcoming issue of the Croatian International Relations Review(CIRR). >>>

Calls for Papers and Presentations

1.   Social Theory, Politics and the Arts: Creative Nexus

To mark its 40th anniversary, the Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference will be hosted at the School of Political Studies of the University of Ottawa, Canada, on 9-11 October 2014. The theme of this year's conference is Creative Nexus: Understanding and Strengthening the Relationship Between Cultural Research and Practice. The deadline for papers is 5 May 2014. >>>

2.   Dialogues of the South: Latin America - Africa

In collaboration with academics in other parts of Latin America and in Africa and Asia, FLACSO, Ecuador, UNSM and UBA, Argentina, and UCE; Ecuador, have been working to establish a Latin-America-based Network for Critical Thinking of the South (Red Sur). One of the first initiatives is a special issue of the Íconos social sciences journal "Dialogues of the South: Critical Thinking and Socio-political Analyses between Africa and Latin America". The deadline for the submission of papers is 9 May 2014. >>>

3.   Call for Texts and Art Projects: Interartive Magazine

The digital journal InterArtive will publish a special issue dedicated to diverse aspects of the current discussion about Culture and Urban Space. Its editors invite theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject to participate. Proposals should be submitted by 31 May 2014. >>>

4.   Call for Articles: Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook 2014

The Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook (KPY Yearbook) has announced its call for articles. Every issue hosts analytical and critical essays, reviews of prominent trends, ideas and dynamics that shaped the cultural management and policy field in the course of the past year, from Turkey and around the world. The submission deadline is 1 June 2014. >>>

Calls for Entries and Applications

5.   Atelier for Young Festival Managers, Poznan 2014

The Festival Academy (a European Festivals Association initiative) and Malta Festival Poznan launched an Open Call for Applications for the next Atelier for Young Festival Managers, to be held in Poznan, Poland, on 20-27 October 2014. The application deadline for participants is 15 April 2014. >>>

6.   Open Call for Emerging Curators Based in the Netherlands

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is offering two emerging, independent curators based in the Netherlands, the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different artistic and cultural environment by staying in Malta for 15 days between August and September 2014 and developing a project involving international artists. The deadline for applications is 21 April 2014. >>>

7.   Call for Applications for the Paris IAS Fellowships 2015-2016

The Paris Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) welcomes applications from all over the world from established scholars and scientists in the fields of the humanities, the social sciences and related fields for periods of five or nine months, respectively. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2014. >>>

Educational Programmes and Fellowships

8.   Academy on Culture in External Relations: Focus on Asia

The ENCATC (European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education and Training) Academy on Culture in External Relations: Focus on Asia will be held in Brussels on 8 - 9 May 2014. This event is designed for academics, researchers, cultural managers and operators, diplomats, EU officials, civil servants (national, regional and local levels), students, and anyone interested in starting a successful cooperation with Asia. The deadline to register is 26 April 2014. >>>

9.   Cultural Heritage Summer School

The Birmingham International Summer School offers a chance for students to study in the Heart of England, at a top institution and a pioneering university. The students will be studying an exciting programme, put together by the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage. Application deadline is 31 May 2014. >>>

10.   Interdisciplinary Arts Residency and Call for Convergence

The Banff Centre, Canada, announces new offerings for composers, choreographers, visual artists, writers, performance artists, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, playwrights, musicians, directors, and those involved in other new and emerging art practices to collaborate in the creation of new works. Application deadline is 2 June 2014. >>>

International Conferences and Seminars

11.   African Economics Congress 2014: Innovative Solutions

The Seychelles African Economics Congress 2014: Innovative Solutions for African Inclusive Growth and a Thriving Economy will be held in Victoria, The Seychelles, on 3 - 6 May 2014. The conference will focus on ways in which to increase the participation of youth and women in the economy, harnessing the immense human capital boasted by the African continent and unlocking the full potential of the economic giant that Africa is. The programme will take into account the application of cultural diplomacy activities in aiding current and future strategies of growth, therefore giving the conference a multi-faceted and dynamic character. >>>

12.   Enlightening Hidden Passes: The Reality of Cultural Mobilities between the Balkans, Europe and the Arab World

The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) will be organising an exchange platform entitled Enlightening Hidden Passes: The Reality of Cultural Mobilities between the Balkans, Europe and the Arab World, which will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 8 - 9 May 2014. The aim of the exchange platform is to explore the current situation of artistic and cultural mobility between the two regions (the Balkans and the Arab world). >>>

13.   The First World Summit of Community Arts Centres and Networks

The First World Summit of Community Arts Centres and Networks will be held in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, on 24 - 27 September 2014. This global event, planning to unite networks of fifty countries from five continents, will aim to inspire and help national networks unite in continental ones in order to catalyze more fruitful cooperation and international cooperation projects in the field of arts and social engagement. >>>

14.   Strategic Repositioning of Arts, Culture and Heritage in the 21st Century

The 2014 International Conference on Arts, Culture, Heritage and the National Development Plan: Vision for 2030, hosted by the Faculty of the Arts, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa, will be held on 1-3 October 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa. The conference seeks to explore and to investigate whether the 21st century's lofty ideals such as the creation, production, dissemination, transmission and consumption of the cultural and creative industries are being realised. >>>

15.   ELIA Biennial Conference: Location/Aesthetics

The 13th ELIA Biennial Conference on LOCATION/AESTHETICS, hosted by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art, will explore the cultural, social and economic role that creative individuals and institutions play in creating and transforming a city, regional or national identity and place in the world. The conference will take place in Glasgow, United Kingdom, on 13 - 15 November 2014. The deadline for online registration is 31 October 2014. >>>

Books, Publications and Reports

16.   Creative Economy Report. 2013 Special Edition: Widening Local Development Pathways

The focus of the Creative Economy Report 2013, Special Edition: Widening Local Development Pathways, co-published by UNESCO and UNDP, is on cultural and creative industries at the local level in developing countries. This Special Edition argues that the creative economy is not a single superhighway, but a multitude of local trajectories. >>>

17.   Handbook on the Experience Economy

This book combines the scientific and the management approach in dealing with experience economy. It consists of three parts, starting from fundamental debates about the experience economy, through more specific topics such as innovation and networks, and ending with case studies. The book is very useful for researchers, students and others involved in management, marketing, psychology and economics. >>>

18.   Scriptura Mundi

In an innovative way the first issue of the journal Scriptura Mundi offers an overview of the alphabets and other written cultures of the world. The philosophy of Scriptura Mundi is to create bridges between different languages and written cultures and to assist in the development and the integration of the international academic community in this field. >>>

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