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Members' Activities 2018

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EU Competences and National Cultural Policies: Critical Dialogues (CULPOL)

Project Completion

31 August 2018 marks the official end of the biannual Jean Monnet project on EU Competences and National Cultural Policies: Critical Dialogues (CULPOL), which was coordinated by IRMO's Department for Culture and Communication, the focal point of the Culturelink Network. The primary aim of the project was to raise interest in EU-related topics and to promote discussion and reflection on the impact of the EU agenda on the Croatian cultural policy. In the course of its two-year activities, the project has contributed to enhancing the knowledge about the impact of the EU policies and processes on the national cultural sector and has provided a contribution to the establishment of closer cooperation and networking between the cultural policy research community, cultural professionals and policy-makers responsible for the implementation of different EU instruments and agendas. In addition to organizing a series of working/networking meetings and promotional events, as well as building a web platform, the main activities on the project included an international conference on Perspectives of National Cultural Policies Development In The EU Context: Critical Dialogues, which took place in Zagreb on 17 - 19 May 2017; an international round table on the Digital Single Market and Its Impact on Culture and Media in Croatia, held in Zagreb on 19 - 20 April 2018 with the aim to discuss the changes that the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy brings to the cultural and media sector in Croatia; and the publication of a special issue of the scientific journal Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR), entitled European Union and Challenges of Cultural Policies: Critical Perspectives (Vol 24, No 82).

An overview of CULPOL activities and collaborations (2016-2018) is available at: culpol.irmo.hr/culpol-activities-and-collaborations-2016-2018/