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Members' Activities 2018

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Tandem Europe Programme

Tandem Europe is a cross-border collaboration programme that aims at social change through cultural activities. Within each Tandem programme, participants form cross-national partnerships of two, aka tandems. These Tandem partners organise working visits to each other's cities or regions and develop a joint pilot project which serves as a space for mutual learning and engagement. Throughout the year, participants meet for networking, workshops and peer-to-peer exchange. At the end of the project there is a final presentation and the opportunity to connect with the growing Tandem network. The programme acts on different levels, offering professional development to individuals, as well as supporting organisational change processes and creating a space to experiment with innovative ideas.

People from diverse local contexts, urban or rural areas, who represent smaller or bigger cultural organisations, active local administrations and socially orientated enterprises are encouraged to apply, as well as those who share an enthusiasm for creative discovery across European borders, cultures, sectors and artistic disciplines, and embrace the joy of making new things happen together by unusual transnational encounters. Non-profit organisations, public institutions, civil society initiatives, local administrations as well as creative or social enterprises that are engaged with cultural activities in their societies and are based in one of the Council of Europe member states (plus Belarus), are eligible to apply.

Initiatives, organisations or institutions can submit their expression of interest by 15 November 2018.

For more information, please visit: https://www.tandemforculture.org/stories/tandem-europe-3-open-call/