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  • May 2019
    The Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo, RIJEKA 2020 and the University of Rijeka, in cooperation with Culturelink/IRMO and the Observatoire des politiques culturelles, France, invite you to participate at the international conference on International Cultural Relations of the European Union - Europe, the World, Croatia, to be held on 30 and 31 May 2019 in Rijeka, the European Capital of Culture 2020. (full details)
  • November 2018
    The Department for Culture and Communication of the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), focal point of the Culturelink Network, is coordinating a new Interreg Europe research project entitled KEEP ON: Effective Policies for Durable and Self-sustainable Projects in the Cultural Heritage Sector, financed within the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programme. (full details)
  • October 2018
    The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management, organised by the Association Marcel Hichter from Brussels, Belgium, is a pan-European training and learning experience fostering cultural diversity and interregional exchanges as a way of giving culture a stronger place in Europe and abroad. The 29th edition of this European Diploma is organised in collaboration with Northern Ireland and Iceland. Applications deadline is 15 January 2019. (full details)
  • October 2018
    An initiative developed by the European Cultural Foundation, Tandem Europe is a cross-border collaboration programme that aims at social change through cultural activities. Initiatives, organisations or institutions can submit their expression of interest for this tailor-made programme for people who work on creative solutions that make social innovation possible throughout the EU. Submission deadline is 15 November 2018. (full details)
  • September 2018
    The Department for Culture and Communication of the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) serves as partner organization of the 1st General Assembly of the Association of the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends, to be held in Rijeka, Croatia on 9 and 10 October 2018, with a Public Forum event at the newly established RiHub scheduled for 11 October. (full details)
  • September 2018
    31 August 2018 marks the official end of the biannual Jean Monnet project on EU Competences and National Cultural Policies: Critical Dialogues (CULPOL), which was coordinated by IRMO's Department for Culture and Communication, the focal point of the Culturelink Network. (full details)
  • August 2018
    The Japan Foundation's Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) Programme for Europe provides financial support to European organisations (such as festivals, theatres, arts promotion companies) that are planning performing arts projects related to Japan. Performing Arts Programme is now accepting proposals for projects to take place between 1 April 2019 and 30 June 2020. The application deadline is 31 October 2018. (full details)
  • June 2018
    UNESCO has launched an online survey regarding the implementation of the Recommendation on the Status of the Artist, adopted by UNESCO's General Conference in 1980. The survey may be accessed online. (full details)

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