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Cultural Participation and Inclusive Societies

By the Hertie School of Governance, Council of Europe, 2017, 58 pages

The report Cultural Participation and Inclusive Societies, prepared by the Hertie School of Governance (Berlin, Germany) for the Council of Europe, is the first Council of Europe thematic report on culture and democracy. It explores the relation between cultural participation and aspects of inclusive societies in Europe, such as tolerance and trust, and underlines the potential power of culture in nurturing them. The report is based on the Indicator Framework on Culture and Democracy, developed by the Council of Europe and the Hertie School of Governance, in co-operation with the European Cultural Foundation.

The analysis has revealed that cultural participation generally, and specific forms of cultural activity, especially artistic expression, online creativity and passive participation, are indeed strongly associated with trust, tolerance and related dimensions of an inclusive society. The values of tolerance and trust, both considered to be essential to inclusive societies and found to be strongly linked to cultural participation, are the keys to avoiding a turn to exclusion.

The publication is available at: https://edoc.coe.int/en/culture-and-democracy/7285-pdf-cultural-participation-and-inclusive-societies-a-thematic-report-based-on-the-indicator-framework-on-culture-and-democracy.html