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Psychology & the City: The Hidden Dimension

By Charles Landry and Chris Murray, Comedia, United Kingdom, 2017, 84 pages, ISBN 978-1-908777-07-2

The book Psychology & the City: The Hidden Dimension by Charles Landry and Chris Murray argues that understanding the psychology of places is a vital missing thread in today's urban thinking. Being in a city is a two-way psychological process: the city impacts upon our mind and our mental and emotional state impacts upon the city. The book explores and stimulates psychological urban thinking through outlining why urban psychology is important now; describing the potential of different schools of psychology to better understanding cities and their citizens; highlighting how as a species we have only recently become a 'homo urbanis'; exploring whether cities can have a deeper sense of psyche and 'soul'; describing how we might measure the psychological pulse of a city; outlining briefly the results in eleven cities; sketching out a toolkit for the Psychologically Resilient City; and suggesting where next.

According to the authors, 'urban psychology offers enormous potential to transform existing cities and the way we interact with them. It can help us to create future places within which we can live more at ease, both with each other and with the place itself, in a way that will have a positive impact on individual and community health, life quality, life chances, the economy, and on how public and private services are shaped'. Taking this into account, the book particularly serves as a valuable resource for urban decision-makers.

For more information, please visit: http://charleslandry.com/blog/psychology-the-city-the-hidden-dimension/