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Towards Cultural Democracy: Promoting Cultural Capabilities for Everyone

By Nick Wilson, Jonathan Gross and Anna Bull, King's College London, 2017, 62 pages

The report Towards Cultural Democracy: Promoting Cultural Capabilities for Everyone, commissioned by the Cultural Institute at King's College London and based on a 15-month research collaboration with the Get Creative campaign, presents a new agenda for cultural policy and practice in the UK. At the heart of the report is a call for a radical but pragmatic new approach to understanding and enabling cultural opportunity. It is argued that cultural opportunities are comprised of a far broader range of freedoms than access to already existing publicly funded arts - the primary focus of current cultural policy. The report describes cultural democracy as people having 'substantive social freedom to make versions of culture'. The authors seek to explore a different way of supporting arts and culture in the UK in all its diversity and richness, by providing people with the skills to develop everyday cultural creativity.

The report is available at: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/Cultural/culturalenquiries/Towards-cultural-democracy/Towards-Cultural-Democracy-2017-KCL.pdf