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Culturelink Review Imprint

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Network Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief

Biserka Cvjetičanin, Biserka.Cvjeticanin@irmo.hr

Editor and Administrator of the Electronic Edition

Aleksandra Imogen Ivir, Aleksandra.Ivir@irmo.hr

Editorial Board

Aleksandra Imogen Ivir,
Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, Daniela.Jelincic@irmo.hr
Mira Mileusnić Škrtić, Mira.Skrtic@irmo.hr
Nina Obuljen, Nina.Obuljen@irmo.hr
Zrinjka Peruško Čulek, Zrinjka.Perusko.Culek@irmo.hr
Nada Švob-Đokić, Nada.Svob-Djokic@irmo.hr
Aleksandra Uzelac, Aleksandra.Uzelac@irmo.hr
Ana Žuvela Bušnja, Ana.Zuvela-Busnja@irmo.hr


Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb, Croatia


International Standard Serial Number:

  • ISSN 1016-1082 - regular issues of paper edition
  • ISSN 1332-9200 - special issues of paper edition
  • ISSN 1333-1027 - electronic edition

Publishing Frequency and Media

The Culturelink review is published quarterly. The paper edition first appeared in 1989. It is in large part also pubished electronically, online since 1994, at first via the Gopher service and since 1996 via the WWW.


The Review is produced on the basis of inputs received from the members of the Network, UNESCO and the Council of Europe, as well as from other sources (e.g., international organizations, government agencies, research institutions and individual experts). The Contents of each issue include:

  • Networking in Progress – presenting the activities of networks;
  • Research and Programmes – describing research in progress and research plans;
  • UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union – reporting on their activities;
  • International Meetings and Conferences – informing about topics, proceedings, conclusions, organisers and sponsors of meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars;
  • Documentation – presenting various documents, reports and journals;
  • Publications – presenting book reviews and a list of recent publications on cultural development and international cooperation;
  • News and Information – reporting on training seminars, grants, specific cultural initiatives, etc.;
  • Dossier – publishing original papers with most recent research results from projects conducted by Culturelink members world wide.

Representing a selection from the printed edition, the electronic edition of the Review covers Networking in Progress, Research and Programmes, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union, International Meetings and Conferences, and the Dossier.


Deadlines for receiving materials for publication in the Culturelink review are the following:

  • 1 March for the April issue
  • 15 June for the August issue
  • 1 October for the November issue
  • 15 November for the Special Issue


The yearly Network membership fee, which includes subscription to the Culturelink review, is

  • USD  20 for individuals
  • USD  50 for institutions
  • USD 100 and over for benefactors

Non-Members' yearly Review subscription is

  • USD  30 for individuals
  • USD  75 for institutions

Sponsorship of individual issues by distinguished organizations is encouraged.

For payment details, please view the Culturelink Membership and Subscription Form.

Contact Information

Please see the contact information page to get in touch with the Culturelink Network team.

Legal Information

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