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Culturelink received Anthro.Net's peer reviewed Award for the best practices in social sciences on the Web, awarded to less than 1% of all sites nominated.

Anthro.Net Citation of Culturelink


Culturelink WWW Resource Centre - Culturelink, the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development promotes regional, interregional and international research projects, develops the Culturelink Databases and publishes the review Culturelink, disseminated to 1000 networks, institutions, organizations and foundations from around the world which are engaged and interested in cultural and artistic development, management and education. The Culturelink WWW is an information system which serves as a resource centre, compiling, processing and disseminating information on new concepts, research challenges, trends, experiences and practice in the field of cultural development, with the aim of encouraging international and intercultural communication and collaboration.

(as cited at Anthro.Net's Winners of Best Practices)

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Anthro.Net Best Practices Award

What are Best Practices?

Sites that are awarded Best Practices demonstrate the highest quality in anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology and related social sciences on the World Wide Web. These are sites that provide original content that is of a public service to anthropology and other social sciences on the Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of sites on the Internet pertaining to the Social Sciences. Less than 1% of the sites nominated are given the Best Practices Award.

What is Peer Review?

The peer review process for the Best Practices Award is essentially similar to those for academic journals and granting agencies. Five reviewers are selected based on their research interests and experience for each site submitted. Reviewers are given a set of guidelines when they join the program, but ultimately they make the final selection. The reviewers vote on the site and the majority rules. The reviewers may or may not choose to share their comments with webmasters. In any event, the review process is anonymous.

What are the Benefits of Peer Review?

Beyond receiving the accolade of an award, there are several good reasons to submit your site for peer review. Posting the award on your site tells your visitors that your site is considered to be of the highest quality in the social sciences. Awarded sites receive the added benefit of additional exposure. Sites that receive the Best Practices Award are not only listed on the winner's page, but are automatically registered with 30 top search engines.

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