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Central Europe Review, Vol 1, No 18, 25 October 1999

Central Europe Review Citation of Culturelink


Culturelink is an international network for research on culture. It's an interesting site but, along with its on-line publications, it devotes a lot of space to the bureaucratic aspect of developing culture rather than actual projects and initiatives. Their publication, Culturelink, had a special issue in 1995 dealing with Cultural Centres in Central and Eastern Europe and two of the articles are available online:

Biserka Cvjeticanin, "Some Cultural Aspects of the Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe"

Sinisa Malesevic, "Changes in the Status and Functioning of Cultural Centres in Central and Eastern European Countries in Transition"


Culture Links, Central Europe Review, Vol 1, No 18, 25 October 1999

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