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Culturelink WWW Resource Centre selected among the finalists in the Culture and Entertainment category of the Stockholm Challenge Award

Photographic impressions of the World Cafe, Exhibition and Awards Ceremony, held on 23-26 September 2001

Stockholm Challenge Finalists 2001

Culture and Entertainment

Projects Country City
Africultures France Nyons
Beeoff Sweden Hagersten
ChildArt & Creativity Festival 2002 United States Washington, DC
Colouring Our Culture Australia Ararat
Culturelink World Wide Web Project Croatia (Hrvatska) Zagreb
Introduction of computer aided design technology in handlooms India Krishnagar
(West Bengal)
HandSpeak Canada Edmonton
Kulturpoolen Sweden Skinnskatteberg
Museums & Millennium Canada Quebec
NairoBits Netherlands Amsterdam
New Generation Audiences United Kingdom London
Historic City Center: Old Montreal Website Canada Montréal
Playdo Sweden Stockholm
SOS-Net : Droit pour Tous (Rights for all) France Paris
The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey - TAY Project Turkey Istanbul


Effective use of the media adds content value and enriches the communities we live in by informing us in a more holistic and integrated way. Cross-cultural, cross-border communication breaks down barriers and increases understanding between ethnic groups within and among countries. New information tools can make culture more open and accessible to all. This spread of information means we can create a global cultural arena where artists and an ever increasing public can meet. In this way, culture and entertainment can help us over the threshold from the industrial to the digital age and give us an understanding of what this means.

Evaluation Criteria

Creativity and innovation as well as the desire to stimulate and share knowledge are some of the qualities in The Stockholm Challenge participants. The Stockholm Challenge jury, a group of 28 international senior experts, base their evaluation on the following four criteria:


How are you using the technology you have? There is no need for the most innovative and new technology, new, innovative ways of using older technology is sometimes the best solution!

User Need

Does your project increase the quality of life for many people or a smaller group? Of course the benefit of your project can be judged as bigger if the target group is big, but degree of increasing quality of life also comes into the evaluation!


For how long time will your project continue? And for how long time will a given solution keep on bringing benefit to its user?


Can your project be transferred to other groups in your or other societies? Is the concept easy to copy? This is certainly a criteria that shows the dimension of bridging the digital divide!

The single most important criterion is how the project benefits people, society and the environment. Technology itself is not the issue. Special attention is given to projects that promote democracy, counteract segregation and discrimination or support gender equality.

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What is The Stockholm Challenge Award?

The Stockholm Challenge is a unique awards programme for pioneering IT projects world wide. It is a way of building networks between entrepreneurs who will benefit from contacts across borders, cultures and economies. The Stockholm Challenge focuses on the positive effects of today's information society, and the benefit information and communication technology can bring people and society. The technology itself is not the issue.

What are the objectives?

The objective is to attract information technology projects from cities and regions around the world to participate in a grand exposure of citizen oriented applications. The Challenge mission is to help people share knowledge and experience in the field of applied technology and to learn from the accomplishments of others. The program wishes to create bonds and networks between people, projects and cities.

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