Culturelink Newsletter No. 059/March 2011

From the Focal Point

International Day of the Francophonie

Each March, days or weeks of the Francophonie are held around the world, and 20 March is celebrated as the International Day of the Francophonie. This year, the Day is devoted to the youth of all countries and continents, their inclusion in the quest for democracy and peace in the world. The promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity as primary principle of modern society, making use of new information and communication technologies in education, the independence and pluralism of public and private media, the bridging of the digital divide through digital solidarity, are key factors of the Francophonie's activities. >>>

Call for Papers and Presentations

1.   Sixth International Conference on the Arts in Society

Aiming to address a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the arts in society, the 2011 Arts Conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany, on 9-11 May 2011, invites prospective participants to submit presentation proposals for papers, workshops, colloquium or virtual sessions, roundtables, staged dialogues, screenings or performances. The submission deadline is 19 April 2011. >>>

2.   Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference

The University of Kentucky will host the 37th annual Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, on 13-15 October 2011, under the title Cultural Policy and Arts Management in the 21st Century: Changes and Continuities. Paper proposals are invited by 22 April 2011. >>>

3.   Globalizing Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles

The Global Studies Association calls for papers for the Globalizing Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles conference, to be held in Manchester, UK, on 7-9 September 2011. The deadline for submission is 31 May 2011. >>>

4.   International Conference on Culture and Development in Africa (ICACD)

The secretariat of the 4th International Conference on Culture and Development in Africa (ICACD), to be held in Accra, Ghana, from 24 to 27 July 2011, under the title of Culture and Global Security: Analyzing Current Threats and Harnessing Opportunities, invites presentations of ideas for the event. The submission closing date is 6 June 2011. >>>

Call for Entries and Applications

5.   World Summit on Arts and Culture Bursary Applications

IFACCA and the Australia Council for the Arts have made available bursaries for registration, travel and/or accommodation assistance to 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture delegates from developing countries. The deadline for applications is 15 April 2011. >>>

6.   Open Space, Open Systems

Open Space, Open Systems invites submissions of idea-based curatorial proposals for its 2012 programme. Applications are reviewed by an international advisory board; no previous curatorial experience is required. Deadline for the initial proposal submission is 27 April 2011. >>>

7.   Art Moves Africa (AMA)

Art Moves Africa (AMA) offers travel funds to artists, arts professionals and cultural operators living and working in Africa to travel within the African continent in order to engage in the exchange of information, the enhancement of skills, the development of informal networks and the pursuit of cooperation. Application deadlines are 1 May and 1 September 2011. >>>

8.   Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is launching an open call for proposals for its general grant in the categories Literature, Visual Arts and Performing Arts, open to individuals and organizations working in the cultural and artistic spheres, whose projects target the Arab region. The deadline for submissions is 13 May 2011. >>>


The newly established Mark Schuster Prize on Comparative Cultural Policy wants to recognize the best recently published paper on comparative cultural policies, presented by a young researcher. The paper must be published or be accepted to an academic journal or an international conference or represent a synthesis of a PhD dissertation. Submission deadline is 30 May 2011. >>>

10.   Call for Volunteers at Traditional Indian Theatre School

The Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam residential school for the study of the traditional Indian Kattaikkuttu theatre of song, music, dance and drama is seeking volunteers for teaching English, caring for students, public relations and promotional activities, fundraising, and artistic workshops in the academic year 2011-2012. The starting date is 15 June 2011. >>>

Educational Programme

11.   International Arts Professionals Summer School

The International Arts Professionals Summer School, organised by the University of Kent, School of Arts, to take place in Brussels, Belgium from 18 to 22 July 2011, is an intense week of learning for creative practitioners, arts managers and cultural project coordinators interested in engaging with the current debates and research in visual and performing arts management. >>>

International Conferences and Seminars

12.   IETM Spring Plenary Meeting

The IETM Spring Plenary Meeting, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 14 - 17 April 2011, under the working theme of Whose Story is it Anyway?, intends to address a number of questions and challenges which face everyone who has an ambition to develop their art forms, practices, methods, conditions, structures within society at large. >>>

13.   Symposium on Music, Conflict and Transformation

A symposium on the role of music-related activities in social conflicts and their transformation will take place at the University of Exeter, UK on 9-10 May 2011, aiming to create a space for practitioners, researchers, musicians and other interested parties to present in-depth research papers, informal presentations or project showcases. >>>


14.   SEAS Dock – Transnational Collaboration in Europe

SEAS Dock, the legacy of European arts platform Black/North SEAS 2006-2010, represents an evaluation and documentation web site designed to offer practical and strategic insight and guidance for people who engage in transnational collaboration in Europe. >>>


The Visual & Performing Arts Jamaica (VPAJ) is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to facilitate the local and international competitiveness of Jamaica’s creative industries, seeking to foster collaboration within and between them. >>>

16.   TANDAO - the Euro-Afro-American Cultural Management Network

Established in 2010 at the initiative of the Spanish Federation of Associations for Cultural Managers (FEAGC) and Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), TANDAO is a Euro-Afro-American cultural management network that intends to serve as a meeting point for cultural managers coming from Latin America, Africa and Europe. >>>

Books, Publications and Reports

17.   Diversity and Identity: Humanistic Foundations of World Heritage and Multicultural Development

This book edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov and Garry W. Trompf, includes the proceedings of an international scientific conference held in November 2009 at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, dedicated to the memory of Claude Lévi-Strauss, and discussing the theoretical and practical issues of multicultural transformations in the contemporary world. >>>

18.   Boundaries and Transitions. Social Innovations in Cultural Process

The book, edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov, is dedicated to the 2010 United Nations International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. The articles in this volume were first presented at a scientific conference on boundaries and transitions held at the Samara Society for Cultural Studies in March 2010. >>>

19.   European Cultural Capital Report 3

In its third edition, The European Cultural Capital Report provides essential information for those organising, implementing and evaluating the European Cultural Capital (ECOC) events. >>>

20.   HERITO – New Quarterly Publication Dedicated to Heritage, Culture and Modernity

The International Cultural Centre (ICC) in Krakow, Poland established a bilingual quarterly publication dedicated to heritage, culture and modernity. Focusing on the Central European region, essays, interviews, reflections on new exhibitions, books and examples of successful cultural projects tackle issues of locus and related reflections, space and its various meanings, geography of the imagination and of memory. >>>

21.   Culture and Local Governance

A special double issue of Culture and Local Governance, by guest editors Nancy Duxbury and M. Sharon Jeannotte, devoted to Culture and Sustainable Communities, explores the integration of cultural considerations into broader sustainability policy and planning initiatives, and the alignment of cultural planning with community sustainability approaches and goals. >>>

22.   Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies

Volume 24 Number 3 / November 2010 of Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies, by guest editor Leora Farber and co-editor Ryan Bishop, is a special theme issue devoted to The Address of the Other: The Body and the Senses in Contemporary South African Visual Arts. >>>

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