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Walking Arts / Walking Aesthetics

Special Issue of InterArtive

A special issue of the InterArtive online magazine - a platform for contemporary art and thought - will be dedicated to Walking Art. Guest editors Yannis Ziogas and Stella Sylaiou, and co-editor Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio invite theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject to participate.

This Call for Papers and Artistic Projects intends to record the history and the potential of walking as an art practice. The procedure of walk has been developed as an art practice from the beginning of Modernism. Since the '60s however it has become an established form of art expression. In contemporary art the walking practice is one of the main venues of exploring the cultural environment. As a consequence, a walking culture has been created that is defined by a new realm of aesthetics, related to the interaction of the body with the landscape (and vice versa). The walking aesthetics are defined from an update of the concept of empiricism; the artist, or the cultural nomad, is interpreting the landscape as an open field in which s/he obtains experiences and through which s/he develops ideas, concepts and her/his artwork.

Papers should examine various aspects of walking as a contemporary methodology of expression and understanding of the social environment and the landscape (urban and rural) where human activity is realised. They may also examine the future of walking practice and its potential (in art, aesthetics and in its applications in pedagogy). The special issue aims to address this important topic by focusing on the realization of the walking approach as art practice, its theoretical background and the historical approaches of walking.

Proposals (full papers and art projects) should be submitted by 31 May 2018 to info@interartive.org

For details, please see https://interartive.org/2018/02/walking-art-open-call