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Research Activities

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Culturelink Research


An Overview of Culturelink Research Activities briefly describes Culturelink's current research activities and announces the Network's future research plans.

Themes and Projects

Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Communication and Digital Culture

Cultural Policy

Intercultural Communication and Cultural Identity

Impact of Transition in the Field of Culture

Culturelink Review Special Issues

Each special issue of the Culturelink review publishes original research papers on one specific topic. The list below cites the titles chronologically by issue of publication.

Culturelink Review Dossier

Each regular issue of the Culturelink review publishes a Dossier carrying original papers with most recent research results from projects conducted by Culturelink members world wide, as well as brief reports on current research projects.


To access research activities and programmes reviewed in Culturelink and Culturelink Dossiers by issue of publication, please click on the respective down arrows above to select contents section and issue of publication from the drop-down menu. Pressing the VIEW button will take you to the chosen page.

Alternatively, to access the Culturelink Dossiers thematically, please use the list below, citing the titles chronologically by issue of publication.