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Culturelink review, no.40/August 2003 - contents - imprint - archive

International Co-operation for Cultural Policy Motivated Research - Setbacks and Promises


In the Stockholm Action Plan, decided by the Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development in Stockholm 1998, there is a demand to UNESCO to develop an international research agenda with regard to culture. Even though UNESCO has not followed up this idea, a number of things have happened in line with the Action Plan. The article presents some reports and international tendencies in the field of cultural motivated research, for instance, the development of cultural policy observatories. The most promising initiative for the future is a plan presented by Professor Helmut Anheier to publish a World Cultures Report, which will satisfy some of the main ideas behind the research agenda proposal through presenting and analysing policy relevant aspects of the development of culture in all parts of the world based on a number of tables and maps. The realisation of the report will call for a desirable mobilisation of researchers around the vital problems of culture.

Professor Carl-Johan Kleberg
former Deputy Director of the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs


  • Summary
  • Background and aims
  • Cultural policy research in the Stockholm Action Plan
  • Start of a follow-up within UNESCO
  • Cultural policy research in UNESCO today
  • The situation in other international organisations on the global level
    Major events after 1998
    Action within the UNDP and the World Bank
  • The situation in international organisations on the regional level
  • International networks on the ministerial level
  • Increasing co-operation between European foundations
  • Co-operation between researchers
  • A study on the research and information structure
  • The report Creative Europe
    The background and work on the report
    The recommendations in the report
  • The report Towards Cultural Citizenship: Tools for Cultural Policy and Development
    The background and work on the report
  • Research on culture, security and sustainable social development
  • The first cultural policy examination outside Europe
  • An important initiative: The World Cultures Report
    The World Cultures Report, the plan presented by Professor Helmut Anheier
    The link to the World Values Survey
  • Planned continued support to cultural research from Sida and other Swedish institutions
  • At last - promising prospects for cultural policy motivated research