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Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts: New Projects

Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) launches a call for applications for its first graduate program, the Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts: New Projects.

Utilizing a structure rare in the United States, the multidisciplinary, project-based programme is designed to develop not just a candidate's artistic skills, but also skills in planning, communications, and leadership. This innovative MFA Program will encourage focused theoretical and practical inquiry, complemented by an expectation of entrepreneurship. It's designed to help artists achieve not only a more mature level of work but also the ability to successfully deliver the work to its audience.

Artists working with traditional studio practices, as well as installation and digital- and time-based media, will participate together in a two-year curriculum that emphasizes the artist's public as well as private creative roles. Each semester, MFA students will work with CCAD faculty to propose, develop, and execute individual projects. Required courses in digital media proficiency, professional practices, contemporary teaching environments and practice, and theory and criticism; ongoing group critiques; an off-campus practicum experience; and interaction with an active visiting artists program will comprise the curriculum, concluding with a thesis project, related written thesis, and oral defence.

New, custom-designed MFA studios, offices, and seminar rooms will be housed in CCAD's Design Studios on Broad. MFA students may be eligible to apply for CCAD adjunct faculty positions during their second year in the program, but neither teaching nor teaching assistantships will be part of the MFA program's curricular structure.

The program's application deadline is 15 April 2010, with classes to commence in fall 2010.

CONTACT: Melissa Ricksecker, Director of Marketing & Communications; tel.: 614.222.6163; e-mail: mricksecker@ccad.edu; www.ccad.edu/programs-of-study/master-of-fine-arts/mfa-overview