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Paper Editions

The Culturelink Network regularly publishes the Culturelink Joint Publications Series, presenting expert papers and research results on specific topics, as well as proceedings from conferences organized by the Network.

No longer published is the Culturelink Review, formerly published in English, four times a year, on some 200 pages, compiling and disseminating information on new concepts, research challenges, trends, experiences and practice in the field of cultural development, cultural life and policies (see for more).

Electronic Editions

The Resource Centre developed through the Culturelink World Wide Web Project and the Culturelink WWW Resource Centre Project offers regularly updated information of interest to the professional community worldwide, making all data, including the contents of the electronic edition of the former Culturelink review, easily retrievable via a simple and an advanced free-text search mechanism, which represents a decisive additional value over the paper edition.

The archived fully searchable electronic edition of the former Culturelink review, published as a selection from the printed edition, covered Networking in Progress, Research and Programmes, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union, International Meetings and Conferences, and the Dossier.

Establishing appropriate means of communication and speeding up the flow of information, the Culturelink Network has been accessible via the Internet's Gopher service since 1994, while the Culturelink Home Page was first set up on the World Wide Web in 1996.

At popular demand, in 2004 Culturelink has started to publish its e-newsletter called C-News, aiming at periodically keeping its members up-to-date with a reminder of current events, calls and deadlines, and an overview of important recent announcements arriving too late for a timely inclusion in the paper edition of the Culturelink review.

The Network is also promoted via a CD-ROM edition, carrying presentations of its activities in general and its databases on the Internet in more detail, as well as documentation and the most recent revision of the WWW Resource Centre.