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Maine College of Art Academic Programmes

The Maine College of Art in Portland, USA, now accepts applications for its academic programmes Bachelor of Fine Arts, Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education and Pre-College. MECA offers a variety of academic programs to educate artists and designers at all stages of their creative careers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

MECA offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 10 studio majors. Students spend the first two years building their foundation skills and exploring elective classes before they declare their major. All majors are provided their own individual studio spaces. MECA offers an intimate education with a high faculty to student ratio.

Priority Application Date is 1 February 2010.

Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education

The Post Baccalaureate Art Education Program at MECA is an accredited, state-approved, full-time, ten-month programme, which blends the worlds of artist and educator. The curriculum offers the opportunity to work collaboratively with artists, community leaders, and art educators to develop a uniquely personal philosophy and practice of teaching. The programme includes service learning, community art and student teaching in public, private and alternative schools. Upon successfully completing the programme and passing the Praxis exams, students will be eligible to be certified art educators in Maine and all other states.

Priority Application Date is 1 March 2010.


Pre-College at MECA provides an opportunity for high school students to participate in an intensive month-long program in art. The program offers an immersion of life and education in a professional college of visual arts, as well as the opportunity to develop a portfolio and earn college credit. Five majors are offered painting, graphic design, photography, ceramics, or sculpture. The curriculum also includes foundation classes in drawing and design that help students improve their technical skills and strengthen their portfolio for admission to the country's foremost schools of art and design. Studio work is complemented by art history and workshops with visiting artists.

For details, please see www.meca.edu.