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Art in Context MA Programme

The Berlin University of the Arts calls for applications to the Art in Context MA Programme, directed at those who seek to position their artistic work in the context of society. Working as an artist in the context of society not only requires special artistic talents and specific interests, but also high social and communicative abilities, endurance, and the desire and ability to reflect and form theories. Artists who want to develop and successfully realize their concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various living-environments or in interrelation to systems of expertise are expected to understand non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and to ground the relevance of their own work.

The study programme offers four study profiles:

  • artistic work with social groups (cultural education),
  • artistic work with cultural institutions (including artistic museum/curatorial studies),
  • artistic work in public space,
  • artistic work in the context of media and scientific visual production.

In consultation with the faculty, the students develop their own individual curricula from these offerings according to their interests. Important goals of the program are not only to engage with the particular characteristics of certain professional fields, but also to learn to set achievable goals, to realize larger tasks in teamwork, to explore new fields of work, and, not least, how to build up and secure an economic livelihood. To achieve these goals, strong emphasis is set on developing the ability to write texts, as well as to conceive, organize, document, and carry out independent research.

The Institute for Art in Context participates in numerous cooperation programs with cultural institutions in Berlin and throughout Germany. The participants have full access to the facilities and resources of the University of the Arts, Berlin, as well as other academic institutions in Berlin. The advanced study program (120 ETCS) can be taken full-time over four semesters or part-time over six semesters. It is free of tuition and without any age restrictions. All courses are held in German and the master thesis is written in German.

Requirements for admission to the programme are: a degree from a recognized Academy (Fine Art, Design, Architecture and alike), at least one year of professional practice, the ability to speak and write in German fluently, the submission of a portfolio (pdf-files are accepted) reflecting previous work and achievements, and a statement of interest to attend the program including a project proposal. Applications in German should be submitted by 15 March 2010.

For more information: www.kunstimkontext.udk-berlin.de