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The Other City: Emergent Urban Cultures

Papers are invited for publication in a collected volume entitled The Other City: Emergent Urban Cultures. Editors are Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek, Tutun Mukherjee, Christopher Larkosh, Agata Anna Lisiak, and Asuncón López-Varela Azcaráte. The volume is considered to be published pending peer review by Cambridge University Press India.

Contributors to the volume are expected to examine urban cultures in a global context but beyond the conventionally limited and so-called A-list of global cities. How do other cities represent many of the same trends that scholars have identified as characteristic of the self-proclaimed first tier of the world's national, political, economic, and cultural capitals? May there even be something in these other cities that cannot exist in the larger urban centres by their very nature? How do these other cities exhibit alternative forms of global network(ing)? How do (im)migrants, minorities, and subcultures participate actively in the continuous redefinition of these other cities? How do representations in art, architecture, literature, film, and other categories of cultural products/production reflect the shifting and the fluid nature of these urban identities?

Among others, contributors shall investigate the phenomenon of the second city, a space that defines itself in opposition to the first city and, at the same time, embraces its empowering international/global identity. Papers of 5500-6000 words in length, including works cited in the MLA style with endnotes, are to be submitted by 31 May 2010 to Steven Totosy de Zepetnek at clcweb@purdue.edu.