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Capacity-Building for Culture in Development: Using New UNESCO Policy/Programming Tools

Call for interest

As part of UNESCO initiatives to promote the culture and development agenda, the Organization is currently seeking consultants to support the project “Capacity- Building for Culture in Development: Using New UNESCO Policy/Programming Tools” funded by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The project intends to support decision makers and key policy actors in reviewing policies and programmes in the area of culture and development in five of the following six countries: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mali and Morocco.

This capacity building exercise will use a set of innovative UNESCO policy tools, namely:

  • The Cultural Policy Framework for Mainstreaming Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue In National Development Strategies (2009),
  • The Cultural Diversity Programming Lens (rev. 2010) and
  • the Cultural and Creative industries Policy Guide (2009).

These tools will be tested and adapted through training workshops tailored to the needs of target countries and facilitated by a group of resource persons. The project will also establish a pool of expertise supported by a knowledge-sharing platform on the policy tools, project outcomes, examples of revised policies/programmes and lessons learnt. This electronic platform will be made accessible to participating countries and other interested stakeholders though the UNESCO Culture Sector Portal.

UNESCO is seeking:

  • Two consultants to contribute to the preparation and facilitation of an international workshop (late June 2010) aimed at designing the five training workshops to be held at the country level. Consultants will be in charge of elaborating the module(s) for the prototype trainings in cultural policy-making and provide backstopping to the project team as required.
  • Five consultants to work at country level in close collaboration with the international team. Their tasks will include the design of training modules tailored to the specific needs and profile of the participating policy-makers and programmers and preparing the required materials (programme, description of the training and its objectives, handouts, presentations, etc…). The country level consultant will cofacilitate the national training workshop and write a report consolidating the outcomes, highlighting the lessons learnt and recommendations for follow-up.

Remuneration will be based on UNESCO standards.

Interested candidates should send a detailed CV in English or French no later than 16 April 2010 by email to: Susanne Schnuttgen, Chief of section a.i, UNESCO Policies for Culture Section, Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue, e-mail: s.schnuttgen@unesco.org