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Saint–Petersburg Children's Foundation "Assistance"

Call for Partnership

The Saint–Petersburg Children's Foundation "Assistance", working in the field of children's art and creativity programmes for 20 years, is seeking a partner /co-producer for its forthcoming long-term Multidisciplinary Children (Family) Cultural, Entertainment / Festival project, aimed for the benefit of children and families, and exploring the possibilities of interaction within children's art and media education. Art education is an excellent source of personal development and should benefit children in their future as an integral part of their well being.

The concept, allowing parents to get involved, and work alongside their 7 to 12-year old children, to form / create stronger bonding, covers many art forms, from painting to sculpting, electronic media and innovative light technology, which can effectively create a new approach within art education for children. This project can be utilized for traditional education, or can be adapted for new technology emerging on the market.

The programme is conducted annually, between September and May, at art museums of cities above 100.000 inhabitants, through decorating sessions, a festival, a web-site, and other programmes.

For details, please contact: Boris Naidis, Project Manager, tel.: +7 921 887 92 12; e-mail: bor-najdis@ya.ru