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Diploma and Doctoral Courses at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design

Call for Applications

The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design is the only university in Germany that offers a full spectrum of undergraduate courses up to the Master's level (Diploma) in fine arts, design, art history, and philosophy. Students are required to major and apply to one of the departments of Media Art, Art Research and Media Theory, Communication Design, Product Design, or Exhibition Design and Scenography. Once accepted for study, students may specialize further within their chosen department, or work in an interdisciplinary way across subject boundaries. All classes at the University are open to students from each faculty. The default language of tuition is German. International and guest professors whose first language is not German hold classes in English.

The Diplom qualification is by default 9 semesters, or 4.5 years, and is comparable to completing a Master's degree and is recognized worldwide. The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design purposely does not offer Bachelor's or Master's programmes. The rigid structure of these programmes would oppose the University's code of free reign for the development of theoretical and technical skills and abilities, and the "schooling" of independent thinking. Maximum academic freedom is achieved by a non-modular degree program.

The program is punctuated by two major exams, the Vordiplom and the final Diplom exams. Students have the possibility to specialize in one of communication or product design, Scenography, Exhibition Design, Art Research, Media Theory, Philosophy, and Media Art, which includes Photography, Sound, Film, Video, New Media, and 3D-animation. Theory students may also continue on to doctoral and post-doctoral study in Philosophy, Art Research or Media Theory.

Deadline for applications is 15 April - 31 May 2010.

Contact: Hochschule fÜr Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG), Lorenzstraße 15, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany; e-mail: info@hfg-karlsruhe.de; www.hfg-karlsruhe.de