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Transart Institute: MFA Creative Practice

Transart Institute offers the MFA Creative Practice, an international masters program for working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York and one-on-one advisement during two academic years - wherever students work and live.

Students are free to pursue work in any art-related genre and to create their own course of study, working independently and with the support of self-chosen studio and research advisors. Short periods of intensive residency permit students to continue with their professional work and keep a balanced personal life while participating in the program. The majority of Transart students are emerging and mid-career artists and teachers at tertiary institutions. Transart Institute's residencies are a place for cultural exchange.

The new MFA Creative Practice is a student-centred postgraduate art programme which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking and the creation of an informed and sustainable art praxis. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart Institute is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic goals. The institute offers its former students a virtual and material basis for artistic practice, the exchange of ideas, opportunities and critiques, supporting individual and collective growth beyond the duration of the programme.

Application deadline with rolling admission is 1 June 2010. The full summer program is available online at www.transartinstitute.org/Summer_program.html.

Transart Institute also offers a summer program for artists who are not seeking a degree. Participants join MFA students in workshops, lectures and critiques and leave the residency with input on project plans for the year ahead. Artists attend the residency to get a creative surge, get a fresh perspective on their work, revitalize their practice, take their work in a new direction, make plans for a focussed praxis in the year ahead and to become part of an international community of artists, theorists and curators. Artists who successfully complete the residency will receive a non-credit certificate of attendance.

For more information please contact Selina Heaton: info@transartinstitute.org; www.transartinstitute.org