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Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2011 for Instrumentalists and Vocalists

Bucharest, Romania, 7 - 13 may 2011

The Bucharest International Jazz Competition, organized by jmEvents.ro, invites bands and vocalists aged up to 35 years, to contribute to the acknowledgement of Romanian and international jazz values. The contest that promotes young musicians’ creativity and freedom of expression at a time when the commercial is the compromise to success in music, is followed by jam sessions and workshops, where international specialists share their knowledge and skills in jazz with the participants.

The competition is organized with the support of the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013. The deadline for application is 10 February 2011.

Contact: Prof. Luigi Gageos, Competition Director, jmEvents, P.O. box 13 – 63, Bucharest 13, Romania; e-mail: luigi.gageos@jmEvents.ro; www.jmEvents.ro