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Atelier for Young Festival Managers

The European Festivals Association (EFA) launched a call for application to two editions of their Atelier for Young Festival Managers in 2011, to be held in Singapore from 14-21 May 2011 for Asia and in Izmir, Turkey on 24-31 October 2011 for Europe, respectively.

The Atelier is an intense and rigorous one week training platform addressed at emerging artistic festival directors or those who have ambitions to become involved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. It is all about formulating experiences and passing on knowledge to a next (new) generation of festival makers: knowledge about the arts, artists and festival formulas, thematically focusing on the very essence of arts festivals: the art and the artist.

Each Atelier brings together 45 festival managers from all over the world. Distinguished festival directors, together with well selected, renowned, festival pioneers coming in for at least 2 days, guide the work throughout the week. In lectures, one-to-one talks, group discussions as well as intense workshops about case studies, participants discuss issues touching upon artistic vision, political and social responsibility, internationalisation, networking, renewal and sustainability.

Application deadlines are 17 December 2010 for Singapore, and 7 February 2011 Izmir. Young Festival Managers from all over the world are invited to apply.

Contact: Atelier for Young Festival Managers, European Festivals Association, Kleine Gentstraat 46 - 9051 Gent, Belgium; tel.: +32 9 241 8080; fax: +32 9 241 8089; e-mail: atelier@efa-aef.eu; www.efa-aef.eu/en/activities/atelier