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UCSD Visual Arts MFA and PhD

UC San Diego calls for applications to its Master of Fine Arts Programme and its PhD Programme in Art History, to be submitted by 18 January 2011 and 11 January 2011 respectively.

The Master of Fine Arts Programme at UC San Diego is designed to provide professional training for the student who proposes to pursue a career within the field of art - including art-making, criticism, and theory. The scope of the MFA Programme includes painting, sculpture, performance, installation, environmental art, photography, film, video, and computing for the arts. The programme is unique in that the course of study provides for and encourages student mobility within this range of traditional and media-based components and offers opportunities for collaborative work.

The PhD Programme in Art History at UC San Diego offers a unique curriculum that places art objects and practices at the centre of inquiry. The programme encompasses the study of both past and present. Students will select one of the following concentrations in their first year of study: ancient art, medieval art, renaissance art, early modern art, modern art (nineteenth and twentieth centuries), contemporary art, media studies (film, video, photograph, digital media), meso-american art, or art practice. The art practice concentration is designed specifically for artists that would like to pursue doctoral level research to enrich their studio practice.

For more information about the MFA programme, please contact B.J. Barclay at bbarclay@ucsd.edu or 858 534-2862.

For details about the PhD programme, please contact vis-phd@ucsd.edu or 858-822-3882.

More at visarts.ucsd.edu/html/splash.html