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Newly Created African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN)

The African Cultural Policy Network (ACPN) is an on-line network initiated by Mike van Graan (South Africa) and Aadel Essaadani (Morocco) in June 2017. The African Cultural Policy Network will work with, and seek to complement other actors in the African creative space. While the ACPN will operate mainly as an online network, it recognizes the value of face-to-face dialogue and will seek to facilitate such engagement both through technology and through physical meetings.

Among the Constitutional aims adopted by ACPN's founding members are the following:

  • to research, devise and advocate for arts, culture and heritage policies that are relevant and appropriate to varying African conditions;
  • to interrogate international cultural policy themes, strategies and ideas;
  • to present alternatives where necessary, and to initiate and proactively lobby at international level for cultural policies that are priorities and appropriate to African conditions;
  • to serve as an African voice and advocacy network in international, regional (African), national and local forums to do with arts, culture and heritage policy;
  • to provide support to cultural policy-makers, cultural activists and advocates working in, or connected to African arts, culture and heritage;
  • to build a strong and active membership in all African countries, as well as within the African Diaspora; in recognition of varying African conditions, histories and cultures;
  • to facilitate and encourage robust debate and theorising about arts, culture and heritage in Africa.

For more information, please contact: Secretariat Racines, 30, Rue Banafsaj, Résidence Berth II, 2ème étage, n8, 20140, Mers Sultan, Casablanca, Morocco; Email: info.acpn@gmail.com

The Culturelink Team congratulates ACPN and wishes all the best in such an important endeavour!