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Networking News and Announcements 2001

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  • December 2001
    A new writing competition entitled Millennia: The European Contemporary Myth of Creation and Destruction, supported by the European Commission, gives young artists (up to 35 years of age) an opportunity to write a script for an international theatre co-production. Originality of conception and expression will be the criteria for a winning submission. The script will be awarded 5,000 Euro, translated into Italian and English, diffused via the Internet and played at the Temple Valley in Agrigento (Italy). The contest will close on 11 May 2002.
    For more information, please visit http://www.millennia.org.uk
  • December 2001
    Issue no. 35/November 2001 of the Culturelink review has been published and is available online. The issue is largely devoted to cultural diversity. A report about the WWW Resource Centre's participation at the Stockholm Challenge Award 2001 is included.
  • November 2001
    The collection of papers from the course Redefining Cultural Identities: Southeastern Europe, held at the Inter-University Center (IUC) in Dubrovnik on 14-19 May 2001, has just been published as issue no. 4 in the Culturelink Joint Publications Series.
  • October 2001
    Following a series of preparatory meetings, the planned Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA) has recently set up its World Wide Web resource centre at www.culturelink.org/ocpa, currently focusing on offering access to a wide range of African cultural information.
  • October 2001
    A new legal instrument designed to safeguard cultural diversity in the age of globalization will be among the principal items on the agenda of the 31st session of UNESCO’s General Conference, to be held between 15 October and 3 November 2001.
    UNESCO’s Member States will be invited to adopt a Declaration on Cultural Diversity to preserve human dignity and to defend and promote cultural diversity, along with an Action Plan for its implementation. It will be the first international instrument in this field, aiming to serve as a benchmark in the formulation of national cultural policies and stressing the importance of greater co-operation between the countries of the North and developing nations, to help the latter stimulate their cultural industries, organize viable local markets and obtain access to international distribution systems.
  • September 2001
    As one of the finalists, the Culturelink Network participated at the Stockholm Challenge Award events, held between 23 and 26 September 2001. Through a multimedia presentation, the Culturelink WWW Resource Centre project was promoted at a one-day exhibition, and through discussions the Network's work was introduced widely on the World Cafe day. (see full report and photographic impressions)