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Networking News and Announcements 2002

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  • December 2002
    CIRCLE and Culturelink will jointly organise a Round Table meeting on e-culture and cultural policy information systems to be held on 24-27 April 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia. The Round Table entitled E-Culture: The European Perspective is intended to discuss existing on-line resources, present and future cultural policy strategies, e-culture and the new economy, and include a wider debate with key professionals from the e-community and business community. The Round Table will also point to cultural information gaps in CEE countries. The meeting will involve the Compendium, CPRO and the RECAP initiatives.
  • December 2002
    Issue no. 38/November 2002 of the Culturelink review has been published and is now available online. The issue's dossier highlights the importance of international dialogue through art and art education.
  • October 2002
    Applications are invited for the Andrew Mellon Foundation post-doctoral position at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (WWS) at Princeton University in the field of art and cultural policy studies. The appointment is for ten months, beginning in the summer or fall of 2003. The review of applications will begin on 1 January 2003, and is expected to be completed by April 2003. (more details)
  • September 2002
    Issue no. 37/August 2002 of the Culturelink review has been published and is now available online. The issue's dossier is devoted to this year's Culturelink course entitled Redefining Cultural Identities: Cultural Industries and Technological Convergence.
  • April 2002
    Culturelink Special Issue 2001 has been published under the title Convergence, Creative Industries and Civil Society: The New Cultural Policy, presenting papers from the Converge@Nottingham conference, held in late September 2001. The issue's Preface and Introduction are available online.
  • February 2002
    The Guide to the Culturelink Network has been published, offering up-to-date information about Culturelink members and collaborators. The publication lists their contact details, including e-mail and web addresses, and gives a brief description of each member institutions' role and the services it offers.
  • January 2002
    A call for papers has been launched for a special issue of Development in Practice on NGOs and trade unions. The deadline for abstracts is 6 May 2002. (full details)