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Cultural Borders: The Mexican/Northamerican Experience

Borders - whether as bridges or as divides - play a role in the identity construction of peoples at each end. In historical terms, all over the world, there are few borders which have not shifted in time, sometimes many times, and left the people to redefine their identities at each move.

The collection of papers we present here for your attention focus on the Mexican - USA border, which is at the same time a northern and a southern one. Four authors examine the topic of cultural borders and cultural identity construction, their meaning for the people on each side and for both their nations, as well as their manifestation in a specific cultural product, the Mexican border cinema.

We are grateful to the authors - all of them researchers at the Departamento de Estudios Culturales, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, Mexico - for opening this debate in Culturelink. Our special thanks are due to Dr. Patricia Fernández de Castro for her effort in the preparation of this dossier. As the reconstruction of borders, in a symbolic sense, is taking place around the world (not only in the European integration processes but also in the Americas, as well as in Asia), we invite your comments and contributions. If the interest in this topic should reach a critical mass, we would like to devote a whole Special Issue of Culturelink to its development.

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  • Cultural Construction of the Mexico - U. S. Border
    by Patricia Fernández de Castro
  • The Cultural Borders: The Mexican/Northamerican Experience
    by José Manuel Valenzuela Arce
  • Female Images in Mexican Border Cinema: A Frontier in Film
    by Norma Iglesias
  • Cultural Identity and Territory: a Reflection on Transnational Communities Between Mexico and the United States
    by M. Laura Velasco Ortíz