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Networking News and Announcements 2003

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  • November 2003
    Issue no. 40/August 2003 of the Culturelink review has been published and is now largely available online. The issue's dossier, prepared by Professor Carl-Johan Kleberg, former Deputy Director of the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, is devoted to international co-operation for cultural policy motivated research.
  • September 2003
    Safeguarding the world’s intangible heritage, cultural diversity and the protection of cultural heritage from intentional destruction, are the main topics on the cultural agenda at the 32nd Session of UNESCO’s General Conference to be held between 29 September and 17 October 2003 in Paris, where delegates will look at the preliminary draft of an International Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
    In line with this international focus, the recently published Special Issue 2002/2003 of the Culturelink review is devoted to cultural diversity and sustainable development, exploring the existing connections between cultural diversity, dialogue, and development that are not just economic in nature, but also intellectual, emotional, moral, and spiritual.
  • July 2003
    Hosted by the Culturelink Network, the Fourth Annual INCD Conference will be held from 13-15 October 2003 in Opatija, Croatia, with the aim to examine the state of the cultural diversity debate, focusing on the relationship between the emerging international networks and the continuing role of civil society. For details see http://www.incd.net/events/2003conference.html.
  • May 2003
    Issue no. 39/April 2003 of the Culturelink review has been published and is largely available online. The issue's dossier carries selected papers from the seventh International Conference on European Culture, held in Pamplona, Spain, in October 2002.
  • April 2003
    A live video stream will allow everyone interested to remotely follow the Round Table entitled E-Culture: The European Perspective, organized by CIRCLE and Culturelink on 24-27 April 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia. A Conference Reader is available in PDF format.
  • February 2003
    The Research Centre for Arts and Culture (RCAC) of the Teachers College Columbia University has recently published a new study assessesing the needs of jazz artists and how the jazz communities differ in supporting them under the title A Study of the Worklife of Jazz Musicians.
  • January 2003
    In order to help Culturelink maintain and improve the usefulness of the services provided to our members, we kindly ask you for a brief assessment of our activities.
    Please do take a moment to fill in the evaluation questionnaire and help shape Culturelink's information services to serve you best!
  • January 2003
    The French Institute in Zagreb and the Culturelink Network/IMO are coorganizing a Discussion Series on Cultural Diversity, to take place between 22 January and 28 May 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia, with the aim of encouraging the Croatian public, its artists and professionals in the field of culture to discuss issues concerning cultural and media diversity and to consider the future of cultural policies, in order to counteract the negative trends latest research results have been warning about.